From time to time I am suffering from a bloggers block. No inspiration no ideas what so ever. When that happens I change outfits in the hope something pops in to mind. Listening to the real life story of Squinternet Larnia, designer of Dona Flora Jewlery my bloggers block is disappearing in to nothing.
Squinternet  is one of the million woman who suffers from  cancer that started in her breast  and to see the why the second life community is coming in to action watch this link Lღve Dona Flora.  and visit the Love Donna Flora ! event.
The event will begin on July 25th and run through August 11th. It will feature items for sale. Designers will create one item for sale at 100% and then can sell a few additional times that they can split with a 50%, 75% or 100% donation. There will be donation jars available soon that people can put out in their stores or while dj’ing or performing.
Squinternet altough I do not know you I wish you all the strength and all the love for you and the ones  you love in times to come.

Skin  { .essences.}  Whisper Sunheat  *NEW*
Skink Hand Applier available in main store as well
Hair  Rosy Mood  Little Miss Bow / Red Set
Top  The Secret Store  @  Love  Dona Flora!  Peplum Shirt Delicacy  *NEW*
Pants  P I X E L I T E S  INC. Ari Jeans Solid Washed Blue  *NEW*
Shoes [ Gos ] Love Dona Flora !  Lauren d'Orsay  Flora  *NEW*
Glasses  {mon tissu}  Four Corners Readers Blue
Palette & Paintbrush  [HANDverk] Brush & Palette Prop
Easel &  Stool & Jar With Brushes  LISP  Paint me a Picture Set
Mop & Bucket  [DDD]   *GROUP GIFT* 
Shelves  {what next}  Florence Shelves Arty  *NEW*
Candles  [DDD]  Incense & Candles
Beer  {af}  Omega Beer




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