Tuesday, July 16, 2013


The  past view weeks  the Strawberry Singh Monday Meme passed me by.  2 Weeks ago there was the Meet My Friend Challenge and past week there was The Haunted Meme both in the midst of me getting back @ work after 3.5 weeks of vacation. So maybe I try to get these 2 challenges done on a later time now it is the Intriguing Questions Meme. Berry is playing detective trying to get under your skin with inquiring questions.

Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers into your post. Delete my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to leave a comment on Strawberry Singh her blog.

  1. How do you deal with criticism? I would love to say about  myself that I can take it with a smile and that I take criticism as a stepping stone to getting better  to improve myself but ..I am not that like that. One of my friends gave me an Oscar Wilde quote once that sums it up how I deal with it “I like to do all the talking myself. It saves time, and prevents arguments." When I get criticism and believe me my friends still give it to me and that is what they are friends for They know as well I need my time and space to let it sink in and in the end I do the wise thing and take is at heart. But like I said taking it like that is hard work for me.
  2. What’s the most infuriating thing other SL residents do? Racists , sexists  and gay people haters are   pissing me of RL or SL  I have no time or patients for ignorant people
  3. Which SL resident would you most like to have lunch with and why? Isabelle Sciavo but it wont be lunch we will  be eating when I see her She knows what we will be eating but I am not telling you all that is between us two.
  4. Who would you say is your “anti” role model? Someone who serves as a warning rather than an inspiration? I am not in to negative namedropping it does not serve any purpose but I have some people on my mute list and that is  for second life and real life as well. People who always complain and  play the victim role over and over again ,never take any responsibility for there own actions. Those people draining all my energy and I need to get away from them fast.
  5. What was something you used to enjoy, but was ruined for you? Cocaine I  was hooked on it  for years but I  landed back on my feet after seeing to much destruction that comes out of it. So yes cocaine was ruined for me but it saved my life and I am  never going back to that "joy" again.
  6. What’s something you want to do that you’d be embarrassed to tell other people about? Please  leave this girl some privacy I am telling to much already.
  7. What’s the oddest term of endearment you’ve ever used or that someone’s used for you? Monkeys ass don't ask me how it started and in what setting it was Read my book for details  when I am done writing it :D
  8. Have you ever fallen in love with another SL resident? No
  9. Describe a time/event in your slife that you’re nostalgic for. Hosting in the  music clubs called Woods and  Sleek both closed. It was a time I thought there were no back stabbing dishonest people in second life Little did I knew.
  10. What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?  I am a sucker for chocolate in any form or shape. Chocolate fondue , strawberry's in chocolate , ice cream with chocolate dip .... OMG I need to run to get me some !!!

Skin  -Glam Affair-  @  COLLABOR88 July  Lulu Jamaica 01 C
Hair  [LeLutka]  Josephine
Dress  **BAIASTICE**  Summer *GROUP GIFT*
Shoes  [ Gos ] Boutique Eva Slingback Black Leather


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