Tuesday, July 30, 2013


After a couple of days witch I traveled around second life on a discovery journey it was time to  take care of my living stock and make some changes @ my place as well. You are very welcome to come over to take a look @ my place called **Beautiful 4 Seasons**  even when I am not around TP by any time you like.
Just some quick reminders this Tuesday. This weeks there is a last Zodiac round Maybe because they come to full circle I don't know exactly why it is the last one but it is. Last constellation is Leo the proud king of the animals so I got myself a cute stuffed animal they are available in a gacha machine @ The Zodiac Leo with all different bright colors.  
   Jon Haskell of Sculpty Creations  is in my book the best animal maker in second life He made this cute goat family and tomorrow I am going to show you some awesome giraffes he made as well. Last but certainly  not least ... until the 7th of August you got time to visit COLLABOR88 before the next round will start.
Have fun mixing and matching and be great looking fabulous.

Skin  [ :TULI: ] Sara Petal  *GROUP GIFT*
Hair  [elektira]  Soft
Dress  **BAIASTICE**  @  COLLABOR88 JULY  Ayoun Dress Strawberry
Shoes *GF*  Bow Strap Shoes Kate  Strawberry
Necklace  MG  Khalesie's Temptation
Glasses  [ glow ] Neonish Glasses Coral
Pose with Lion  +>A&A<+  @  Zodiac Lion  Leo Lionies Red
Goats  Sculpty Creations  New Goats


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