Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hello I am back I  had a great  festival , saw the Prodigy life and they kicked ass let me tell you that and I danced my ass off like crazy. Because I needed my rest after the party days , ( I am not that young anymore you know ) I am a "little" behind on my blogger to do list but I am going to try to catch up this week.
Almost at the end of my vacation ( need to get my ass back at the office on Thursday ) I am getting an upgrade on my pc tomorrow and I can not wait and to be honest not a minute to early. Taking this 2 pictures took me almost the whole Sunday with horrible crashes and a constant disappearing  avi.  My graphic card need more space so I can see buildings and far sides as well as shadows and go to high graphic without problems and maybe juggle myself to edit my own windlight settings. Now all of this is not possible and it drives me bunkers and totally nuts.
Maybe I give it another try tomorrow to get some pictures done with the old graphic situation.  I bring my pc to the wonder doctor on Thursday morning !!
Is it Tuesday already ? ( Style card will be add laterssss )

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