This Monday it was back to normal after 3.5 weeks free from work. Still as  happy as a child in a candy shop with my new graphic card . I have downloaded a lot of windlight settings so it is taking some trying and sliding with the parameters to get the look I wanted This will be a work in progress to improve my skills so I hope you bare with me on this journey.
Only a view days left on the June COLLABOR88 cycle and I just love the colors of this round so go check out yourself. Showing you also the May group gift of [ Gos ] Boutique  thank you Gospel Voom for making this woman a happy woman  with shoes to die for and gifts that make me wanna dance the whole day.
Skin  { .essences.}  @ Zodiac   Cancer 
Eyebrows { .essences.}COSMIC FAIR SUMMER Fake Painted Eyebrows Red
Hair  (NO)  &  COLLABOR88 June Raver Buns Orange
Shirt  Tee*fy  @  COLLBAOR88  June Basic Knot T-Shirt Chilli
Shorts  P I X E L I T E S   Booty Shorts Solid Color Azure  *NEW*
Shoes  [ Gos ]  Boutique  Lolita Espadrilles Cupcake  *GROUP GIFT*
Headphone  [ JP ]:dsg.   Headphone


 Ice Cart  { what next}  @  TLC Garden  Sandbridge Ice Cream Card Blue
Bike  { what next}  Chelsea Bicycle
Inflatable Chair  PILOT  @   COLLABOR88 June
Blankets with Pillow  PILOT Summerfest '13 Beach Picnic Industrial
Boots  DECO  @  COLLABOR88 June Some Boots Spray



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