Today a meme  I am still behind om my to do list. I skipped the Teach me Something meme for the main reason I have no skill to teach except the fact I know how to shop good but that is no worth a tutorial. This meme is called the Communications Meme and if you want to see how a variety of people is answering this questions go visit Strawberry Singh her blog.

❶ Who did you speak to last inworld today?
Bela Tolsen designer  of *Tuttifrutti* we were talking about the craziness of the Arcade spending way to much Lindens on stuff  we almost never use and needing to go to the yard sale to resell it again. Not bin to the Arcade myself it is not possible to get inside so  I am writing this post now to distract me.

Who has taught you most about SL?
That must be all the bloggers and SL tutorial makers out there. If I want to know something I consult my 2 biggest friends  Google and You-Tube to see what they have in store for me of endless knowledge and sl wisdom.

❸ Who do you turn to for help?
Depends on the subject I need help for. I am member of the [ SL ]  Blogger Support group in world and all the people in that group are a endless pool of wisdom. I have to mention Sam Laszlo of Nerd Finds  in person here. He helped me immensely  how I can  buy Lindens with PayPal without the need of a credit card so I can keep up with my shopping habits and still can pay my tier.

❹ Who is the most entertaining person on your friend list?
Isabelle Sciavo «´·.¸¸.♡"You're My Very Best Friend! "♡.¸¸.·`» We don't speak as much as we used to  because I am to busy and half of the time in high and aiming for ultra graphics  to make pictures and that prevents me from typing in IM. Isa is kind of  crazy but maybe that is the reason I love her so much and if we talk after some days or sometimes after some weeks we start talking like we never have bin apart. * Kisses on your nose my Maple Leaf Bishette *

❺ Do you speak to your SL friends outside of SL?
When I got the opportunity I talk in Skype but it is not always possible. I use Plurk and I am on FB as well. On FB I blend my second life friends with real life friends.

❻ Are you part of a community or family inworld? .
No not anymore. I used to role play as a school girl and was a host / manager  in several clubs where DJ's are playing all kind of House Music but I stopped all that as soon as the blogger virus captured me.

❼ Are you usually around a lot of people or do you spend most of your time alone inworld?
Most of the time I am a hermit  unfortunately trying to make sense out of my world war 3 zone  inventory  mix and match my outfit and making an effort to take pictures with an old computer. If  I need a break I take a TP to a club where  nice Techno music is playing.

Skin  -Belleza-   Ava Med
Hair  Eaters Coma Hair 15
Shirt  !gO!  Mona Blouse
Pants  GizzA   High Waist Woolen Pants  Part of Espresso Break Black Outfit
Gloves  GizzA  Part of Espresso Break Black outfit
Necklace  MG  Anukaa Beads &  Ethiopian Cross
Poses with Coffee & Phone  Bounce This Poses   On The Go


  1. Love the pictures, and anytime <3

  2. The SL Blogger Support group is a great one, very helpful and encouraging. Thanks for sharing. <3


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