Today I did some juggling and sliding with some  windlight settings. The second picture is a windlight setting made my Strawberry Singh called diamond and here is the link to download is yourself. I am also trying to make sense of the photoshop program and I got to say it is not easy in the matter of fact it is damn hard. Looking on Google for tutorials made the confusion even bigger  because in tutorials where there is talking they babble to much.
 Finely I found this blog called Kevin & Amanda  where there is no talking but pictures with an easy explanation even I could understand.
Enjoy your weekend  and remember to shop until you drop.
Skin  -Belleza-  Millie  * OLD FLF *
Hair  >TRUTH<  Jolene  *NEW*
Shirt & Pants  LMD  @ Fashion Limited  Katrina Scarlet
Necklace  MG  @ COLLABOR88   '92 Summer of Love
Poses  DM 
Chair  Trompe Loeil  Pallet Chair
Beverage Cart   Second Spaces  @ Summerfest '13  Poolside Beverage Card
 Ukelele  BALACLAVA!!  @ Summerfest '13  My Little Ukelele



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