Today a post about My SL Guilty Confessions meme dictated ( dictated in a good way ) by Strawberry Sighn  and I am behind on the meme challenge so here we go.
Being in second life for years now I developed some abnormalities I am going to share with the world now and  remember I am not proud of them they just are the way they are maybe because normality is definitely not the norm in my book.

I am an addicted profile reader
When ever I got the time I read profiles  and I got the time a lot with the need of clearing my chase and fetching my over 10 K inventory over and over again. Not only I read profiles of strangers but I read the profiles of my friends as well. Trough this way I keep myself updated about  what is happening in there life's. I can do that by IMing and contacting them but for some reason I think everybody is busy and they wont have time for  me being nosy so I read there profiles. Are there new lovers in there life's and new shopping destinations in there pics I have to visit as well ?

I am a friendship acceptor and deleter in one day
Standing in a sandbox getting my avi back in shape after having problems with  rezzing keeps me getting in contact with a variety of characters who offers me there friendships sometimes with but most of the time without even a conversation. I accept there offer why ? I really don't want to get myself involved in a conversation and explain myself  I don't want to  accept because there was no conversation because if I start that dialog you technically can  say there was a conversation to begin with ( am I making sense here ? ) So I accept there friendship offer and as soon as the non talkers are going off line I delete them in a heartbeat making sure I leave my spot in the sandbox so I am not running in to that person after he or she logs back in.

50% ( or more ) of my purchases I never  use or wear.
Hello I am inkie and I am a second life shopaholic. Is there a 12 step program out there to help me ? 
Half of the stuff I buy I never use or wear and if I wear it I only wear it once. Every month I promise myself to restrain myself this round and lay low when it comes to shopping but ... I am a basket case and a lost case when it comes to shopping. In the past I used to buy full packs and all colors at least I am not doing that anymore ( most of the time ) so I am doing better .... but still ... inkie get a grip !! How many wigs , shoes ,skins and furniture do you really need ?

My inventory is way over 10K ( 125.318 last count )
Number 4 is the result of number 3 for sure. And the fact that I have to clear my chase over and over again and because of that I spent most of my second life in sand boxes getting friendship request by strangers and have to read profiles to kill my time all boils down to my imploding / exploding inventory. I got to delete and get rid of stuff but I can't !!! I say to myself "maybe I need this top or jacket one day so I put them in a folder so I won't forget about them and after some time I totally forgot I made that folder to begin with. There comes a time I won't be able to TP anymore because my suitcases are to heavy and second life airlines wont transport me anymore without paying extra lindens for my extra luggage transportation.

Skin  { .essences. } Opera  Sunkissed 
Hair [e]  Soft 
Dress *BOOM*  Hye Tube Dress Emberglow
Shoes  [ Gos ] Boutique Lolita Espadrilles Nectarine
Hat LaGyo  @  L'accessoires Kirby Headpiece Orange
Rings MiWardrobe  @  L'accessoires The Little Prince  Ring Elephant


  1. I am also a big profile reader. It's interesting to see what people write on their profiles. Thank you so much for participating.


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