Tuesday, April 09, 2013


SL fabulous blogger  Strawberry Sigh is asking everybody to dig deep , think back hard  and  meme your 10 SL firsts

№ 1 First SL Friend:  Miss Kitty C. I don't give out her last name because after  some months of hanging out  Miss C. told me she was a he behind the keyboard. I was cool with it but Kitty gradually logged in with a male avi called Dino  and we lost touch. Once in a blue moon we are  talking and  sometimes I talk with Kitty and sometime with Dino. I miss the days  when Kitty and me  sitting on a camping chair trying to sit long enough to make some Lindens to get at least one snap shot done.

№ 2 First SL Kiss: I was here for 3 days and a vampire asked me if he could kiss me and I said yes He  sent me some kind of animation order but I did not knew how to work it It took some texting and talking to get it right and he went straight to my neck. After months when I knew how my inventory worked I found his bite mark he sent me. What  a sweet heart ......

№ 3 First SLex time/place/partner: Antonio   Not giving out last names here as well He thinks he is one  of second life biggest player but he is also sweet @ heart and totally harmless
SLex involves to much typing and the lag is killing for my sexual appetite so I am  living a sex free sl for years now.

№ 4 First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: Zach we partnered after knowing one and other for 3 weeks and broke up  after 1.5 weeks. The fastest sl love story ever ( I think ) He changed avi's so many times I lost counting. Sometimes a strange name pops up in my IM and it is "Zach" back with a different name and different shape. Always fun to talk to him and what ever he is doing now  I wish him all the love in the world.

№  5 First SL Job: Hostess in club Woods The place is closed now but there is going to be a reunion the 13th of April and only for that I will fight the lag and work again as a hostess So  bring on the dancing HUD and activate the gestures and let the house , techno and dance music spin.

№ 6 First SL Creation: .A platform I even linked the parts and felt I was quit a builder. Nothing came out of it there are very talented ppl out there who can do it  much better then I ever could.

№ 7 First Encounter with a Linden: Never met a Linden  I only spent ( a lot ) of  Linden(s)

№ 8 First Encounter with a SLebrity: What is a SLebrity? Somebody who designs and everybody knows ? Some well know blogger everybody is following ? Some DJ who is playing in clubs ? I was very happily surprised when  I saw Lila Quander one of   my favorite blogger in COLLABOR88 some time ago and it took all of my nerves to talk to her in IM and you know what? She is a  very nice person and why should that shock me? From that moment on I believe    all people in second life are looking for contact and that goose for the famous blogger the well known designers and even the busy DJ's Why log in on a social platform called second life  to begin with if you don't want to reach out to people ? Don't correct me if I am wrong on this one and let me believe.

№ 9 First SL Sim you fell in love with: Izzie's it changes every season a photographers heaven and for my old PC  almost the only place that rezzes perfectly.

№ 10 First SL Blog Post:  B&W Hippie Obviously  I did not had a clue what I was doing. Had no idea how to bring some light to the pictures and did not knew I would hang in to blogging for so long.



  1. I totally giggled at your comment about lag and too much typing killing slex for you! LOL so very true!!! Thanks for participating.

  2. That is my schatje, 4ever & always! U make me so proud Inkie ♥