Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I got the flu so just a quick post with some shots of my place redecorated for Spring ( to come ) I added  the list of  garden shops I've bin to. Let me tell you decorating and prepairing for a new season is not only a time consuming but Lindens consuming activity as well. And my inventory is looking like World War 3 right now because in the middle of decorating I do not lable of foulder the stuff like I should  so .... anybody out there who is free to do it for me ? In post to come I will give you some home and decoration shops I've visited.

ArchiTech Landscaping 
Season areas Great Spring stuff : bridges , snowdrops, daffodils  and the best group gifts and for me inkie the  prim whore low prim items to die for.

(*^-^*) HPMD
Almost fairytale like nature. Love the grasses and trees because they look like they are glowing. Very generous group gifts as well. I am a sucker for nice gifts so shoot me.

~*Forest Floor*~
The best trees who change with the seasons by just an easy HUD use for all the trees at once. Have great shadows to put on the floor as well and for me working with an old PC that wont work with shadows a good way to work around that.
Garden Center AMFORA
 1 Prim copyable and modifyable plants trees and flowers. Got myself some cute butterfly's there as well.
Dreamworld gardening Grasses , Trees , Flowers and butterfly's A must see location to be inspired to get back to work @ your own place.


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