Thursday, January 31, 2013


Sorry Second Life is pissing me of big time. Wont let me copy paste nothing and don't let me copy things from my clipboard so I am not able to make landmarks. So I suck in giving you the right shopping directions I make it up to you I prommiss. The Dressing Room FUSION only a vieuw days / hours untill the next round so hurry !!!!
Photo shoot location , my recently decorated sim. I am so trough with Winter and cold so I started Spring early this year more picture shots to come to show my place from more angles.

Skin  [PXL]  Sophia Decadence Skin  *VIP GIFT*
Hair "LoQ   @  ( Old )  TDR FUSION    Vermouth
Dress  (Milk Motion)  Mina Dress Burgundy
Coat  ** DIRAM ** Megan Coat Black
Shoes [PP]  @  Stuff in Stock   Kayla  Red  *NEW*
Scarf  :SEY  v2 Stole
Cat  [Manticore]  Black Cair v2

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