Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Whats wrong with second life the past view days ? ......... ...... .... ....... ... ...........

I am so behind on my to do list it is not funny anymore so that is why I desided to give up to keep up. When I  only see a glimp of the end of the list of things to do there it is , popping up , more fabulous designs. The creative spirits of second life are on a role and me trying to follow them all like a crazy madd woman. Not anymore. No pressure on the number of posts I tell me self  to do every week and no more wanting to show everything in the same week it is new in store. That is not working for me.
So it is back to basic. Only making  a post when I feel like it. It also meens I left some bloggers groups so I can give my  time to  the the view groups left. I say thanks to all the designers who give out so generously to the bloggers community and keep your creative juices flowing in times to come.

Skin  Izzie's  Ginevra  *JANUARY 2013 GROUP GIFT*
Hair  /Wasabi Pills/  Lumi 2
Coat  *COCO*  Biker Jacket Copper
Pants  *COCO*  Ankle Skinny Jeans Black
Sweater [celoe]   Gea Top Alto
Shoes *DECO*  Mesh Classic Sneaks White
Brown Bag *DECO*  Fingersnatcher Bag
Bag with Money  Market Place Sorry lost the link
Creator =  oconda1 shilling
Drilling Gun *DECO*  Rosie The Rivet Gun
Decorations & Scene
Safe   PILOT  @  FaMESHed  Old Safe Table
Books  PILOT  @  FaMESHed  Aviation Book Stack
Rug & Candles & Pillows & Chair & Vase with Tulips & Alarm Clock & Plants

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