Wednesday, January 02, 2013


There is a new development in my social media adventure. I am officialy a "Plurker". After Face Book I took my first steps on the road to become a blessed plurker by getting karma points. I am still on shaking grounds there thinking  what to put out there and what not. So for now, I only react on what other people saying and posting. By getting more and more "friends" and interact with everybody and make them interact with me, is giving karma points to them and to me.
So far so good but after 2 years of maintaining a blog and being a second life shopaholic I became some kind of hermit and altough second life is a social platform I became more and more "anti-social" Not because I don't like people but most of the time when people IM me I am not capable of answering back, me being in high or ultra settings whats freezing up my older pc and makes me crash over and over again. The answer to that problem is a bigger graphic gard but that is not an option buget wise so to drag myself out of my own choosen isolation I am plurking inkie pinkie.
The "bad"side to this new adventure is that the second lifes bloggers and designers community using plurk as there platform to communicate. I stopped counting how many second life fashion and lifestyle blogs there actualy are but you can imagine that all of them are showing there latest work on little thumbnails and giving me hints where to shop and OMG there is my weak spot ..... the shopping to do list is getting longer and longer ........  I am in possession of 15.15 karma points now and almost a broke ass avi so to  say my  plurking adventure is successful is to early to tell.
And oohh yes if you are reading this and if you are a plurker as well look me up ( inkie pinkie ) and add me so you and me  both  getting a boost in our ☯ karma ☯.
So said al this 2 pictures to show you today style card will be add as soon as I can log in to second life.


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