Saturday, June 30, 2012


Yes I got my internet back !! There was something wrong with my set-up inside my house and for a PC noob like me it took some time to sort the shit out Finely after a lot of  swearing ( yes I swear so shoot me )  I did fixed the problem and I am back with an endless to do list of things to show you.
Wearing a  jacket made by Leri Miles designer of LMD  and I just lღve the colourful palette. Also new hair  made by Nita Bracken designer of Tameless.
This weeks slogan is a quote by Sonia Rykiel  "How can you live the high life if you do not wear high heels". So this week going to wear  high heels in all my posts. Nothing more to say then have fun and enjoy your weekend !!
                                                                         ღ ❥ ღ ❥ ღ ❥ღ

Skin  Lara Hurley  @  "Fairy Tales in 2012"   Elaine Pink Lips
Hair Tameless  Cherry   # NEW 
Jacket  LMD  Mesh Blazer Teal  # NEW
Pants  The Secret Store  Funky Flared Pants Beeswax
Shirt  *COCO*  Skinny Tie & Shirt White
Shoes  **REDGRAVE** Cathy  # NEW
Bag  HOUSE OF FOX  Shopper's Tote
Location  *Tea Time* Mainstore  Amia

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This post is all about Summer and DATRIP Blackbart made just the right tops for this season and I hope you like the pictures "boss".They come in diffrent colours and make you look  hot and smexy so take you ride to ..:: Legal Insanity ::.. and take a look for yourself.
Fairy Tales 2012 has Arrived! Fairy Tale inspired creations, who are made by SL's most talented designers! a must see !!!
Nothing more to add to this post, just my lღve to all of you and shop until you drop
                                                                       ღ ღ ღ
Skin  **SHINE**  Helen Tan
Hair ::Exile::  Groove Theory
Orange Bow in Hair ::{u.f.o}::  @ COLLABOR88   Pary in ur Badroom  # L88
Orange Bikini Pants ::HH::  @  COLLABOR88  Retro Bikini  Citrus  # L88
Earrings [North  West]  Chunky Hearts
Bangle  Orange CHOP ZUEY   In Memory of Love
Bangle Blue  Maxi  Gossamer  Boho Bangles Laquered Turquoise and Silver
Glasses **REDGRAVE**  NEO / V1.1   # NEW
Poses & Prop Art  ~Tableau Vivant ~  @ "Fairy Tales in 2012"   Lake Bodom

Monday, June 25, 2012


OMG I am late for this weeks rust. I had to wait until my ship of Lindens sailed in today because of all my excessive shopping I spent all my SL budget for the month of June and I was a broke ass avi. This weeks color makes me feel rusty and kind of depressed so I am glad I'm finished. Thanks Laura Streeter ( Miss Carrie ) for directing me to this great song of Joan Baez called Diamonds and Rust.
Wikipedia is telling : Rust is a red-brown-orange color resembling iron oxide. It is a commonly used color in stage lighting, and appears roughly the same color as photographic safelights when used over a standard tungsten light source. The color is number 777 in the Lee Filters swatch book. The first recorded use of rust as a color name in English was in 1692. Have a great week and remember fashion fades but style is eternal ( Yves Saint Laurent ) The rest of the stylecard will be added later SL wont let me make more SLURL's Grrrrrrr ....

Skin  Izzie's  Estella Skin Caramel Sunshine Teeth  # V.I.P GROUP GIFT JUNE
Hair  .: vive nine :.  DreamCatcher
Hat  **BAIASTICE**  Spring Mesh Straw Hat Light Copper/Orange
Top  coldLogic   Flyn Sedona
Pants  coldLogic  Capri Brooks Sepia
Shoes  NX-Nardcotix   Mana Era Gator Peep Toe  Nude
Glasses   REDGRAVE  Laurita  # NEW
Necklace  (Yummy) Vintage Camera Necklace
Bangle Right  *YS&YS*   Bone Bangles
Bangle  Left   MIEL   Friendo Bracelet

Friday, June 22, 2012


Thank God it is Friday but my RL job is calling  tomorrow as well so just a quick post for today. Love Foxdale designer of **SHINE** is not only a gifted skin maker but she is showing to be a talented designer of clothes as well. This pant comes in diffrent paterns and I could not resist this orange one.
For all of you who are in to football ( socker for the people from across the ocean ) know that the European football tournement is going on. The Dutch team lost 3 matches and went home crying and the nation is in deep mourning.Orange is the National Dutch color so I  bought myself orange items weeks some ago when I still had hope we will  go far in the tournement. So now I am looking to all those items in a diffrent mood and state of mind but this pants is still fabulous.
The ZombiePopcorn Carnival event is open and you can find this great **MOJO** skin there to create an oriental look.
Enjoy your weekend have fun and shop until you drop.

Skin  MOJO  @  ZombiePopcorn  Carnival  June 15th ~ June 30th
Hair Tameless Hair  Sophia  # NEWISH
Shirt  **BAIASTICE**  Daisy Jeweled One Shoulder Mesh Top
Pants  **SHINE**  Patiala Indian Silk Orange  # NEWISH
Shoes  Maitreya   Flip Flops Sunset
Bangle Left  je suis  Magnifique  Bangles Orange
Bangle Right   CHOP ZUEY  In Memory of Love
Bag  [ glow ] Indien Passion Orange
Pose  oOo Studio  Walkabout one ( Lower Picture )
Pose  DEL MAY  Bustle Dress ( Middle Picture )
Location  Africa

Thursday, June 21, 2012


OMG today first day of ☼ Summer ☼ and I am sooಠ_ಠooo far behind with my posts. My to do list of things I need to show you  is endless. For me Summer means going to festivals lissening to  bands and DJ's and buzzing my tits off. So keeping up with my blogging must be done between all that.This year I am not going on vacation so doing this is like holiday for me
 Just before June ends I am showing you the group gift of ..:: Legal Insanity ::.. so you have just about enough time to get your hands on that one ( Wear your group tag ) Designers bare with me on my race agains time to show all your goods. This girl needs to dance and party the next couple of weeks but I promise I make it all up to you.
Skin  [HUSH]  Daisy Bleu Cream
Hair [LeLutka]  Aphrodite 
Hat  *GA* Hats Capsa
Dress ..:: Legal Insanity ::..  Group Gift June 2012
Socks ..:: Legal Insanity ::..  Janis Socks Blue  # NEW
Gloves  Izzie's  Leather Gloves Dark Grey
Boots  [ Gos ]  Triumph Boots  Denim  # NEW
Whistle  .:: LacieCakes ::.  Whistle NomNom Necklace
Scarf  AOHARU  Bandana Scarf Light Blue
Poses with Ball & Bat  *elymode*  Play Ball
Location Chicago  1920's

Monday, June 18, 2012


This weekend I went to my first Summer festival so that is why I am late on Luna's challenge. This weeks color fits my feeling I had this weekend lissening to nice live music and good DJ's sitting on the grass. Some of you know I am Dutch so I smoked some grass as well ٩(-̮̮̃•̃)۶
So back to Luna's tour guide of colors I never heard of  UNmellow yellow so that was new. Google attempt to correct me as well to unmellow yellow and did not gave me much facts on this color. Went to You-Tube and  found a song by Donovan yes it was the mellow yellow againg and no songs about unmellow yellow.
All there is left are the pictures to show and OMG next week we are half way trough the challenge ღ ღ ღ

Skin  Lara Hurley   @  CHIC²  Meg  Green Dark  # Until June 24th
Hair  [LeLutka]  Daisy Hair
Dress -Glam Affair-  @  COLLABOR88   Zoe  Golden Sand  # L88
Shoes {mon tissu}  Openwork Wedges  Mustard  # NEW
Glasses { mon tissu} Harlow Sunglasses Yellow  # NEW
Band aid  Reek  Kailiana Dots
Band in Hair :: { u.f.o} ::  @  COLLABOR88  Pary in ur Badroom Yellow  # L88
Bag  The Secret Store  Girly Briefcase Beeswax
Necklace [ glow ] Pearl Cross Necklace

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This month on COLLABOR88 is just my kind of color palet and the theme "shindig" ( party ) is calling out my name as well. So this month I am going to show you more items from this fabulous shopping event. Today almost everything  I am showing in this post cost 88 Linden !!! Super super bargains so fabulous so don't let them pass by.
Also find a great spot to take pictures part of the shop called { Zeery } where you can find very skilled made silk scarfs.
On the first picture I am using the new windlight setting called CandleLight made by ღ Luna Jubilee ღ she is generous  and sharing it for free !! How sweet is that ღ ღ
Skin  -Glam Affair-  @ COLLABOR88  Mia Natural  Disco B  # L88
Hair ""D!va""  @  COLLABOR88  Sayake2  # L88
Bow in Hair ::{ u.f.o}::  @  COLLABOR88  Party in ur Badroom Orange  # L88
Dress  Schadenfreude  @  COLLBOR88  Mondrian Color Field Dress  # L88
Shoes   ALICE PROJECT  Faelin Pumps
Earrings  MG  Errings Shell Teardrop Peacock
Ring  MG  Love Heart
Bag  {mon tissu}  Weekend Traveler Mesh  Airline Blue
Bracelet Blue *~B & D ~* Chic Bangles Blues
Bracelet Orange   je suis  Asymetrique Oranges
Location ZEERY Color Cuture  Wunderville

Sunday, June 10, 2012


This weeks color on Luna's Challenge is raspberry glace and it is not the first raspberry tone this year. Week 8 we had dark raspberry and this is Luna's dark raspberry. When I was searching images on Google I saw this color is used a lot on lipsticks around the world.Wikipedia is telling : The color raspberry glace is  a medium grayish shade of raspberry that is used in interior design.The first recorded use of raspberry glace as a color name in English was in 1926
I found myself a fabulous Summer dress @ coldLogic my true companion on my colourful journey. Normaly I sent in more pictures every week but I am short on time and late as it is so only 2 pictures this round. Have a great week everybody shop untill you drop and remember every day is a fashion show and the word is your runway.
Skin  Lara Hurley  @  CHIC²  Meg Green Tan
Lipstick [PF]  Elly Chai  Glam Lipstick/Teeth
Hair  Maitreya  Siobhan  # NEW
Dress  coldLogic   Marsh Blush
Feet  Slink  Womans Natural Barefeet
Sandals  Slink  Ilena Sandals Pink  # NEW
Glasses [Gos]  Butterfly
Necklace & Ring   je suis Voyante  Plain
Bracelet Right  [celoe]  Didri Bangles
Bracelet Left  *miel   Friendo Bracelet
Dog in Bag   Sculpty Creations  Husky Pup & Bag
Location 1st Picture Where it Begins
Location 2cond Picture  My own Place

Saturday, June 09, 2012


Does the fact you bought something and after a while you see half of SL wearing the same dress pissing you off ? Or they steel the show with the same killer boots you just got yourself ? You feel the need to wear protection shields to keep the designer of your dress a secret ?
✎......  B.t.w. I don't know why people are wearing those. Protecting the creators name why ?? I got 1 motto share your shopping knowledge and give credit to the designers so we  all can  shop until we drop and look fabulous.
But if you want to wear exclusive items there is a shopping event called the Couturier's Docks  where the designers only sell   limited pieces of one design. I will add the rest of  styling card and the land marks later as soon as SL lets me.

Skin {.essences.}  @  CHIC²  Rowena  Rosy Medium  # NEW
Hair  Maitreya Siobhan  # NEW
Dress CHANTKARE  @  the Couturier's Docks  Summer Loose Dress 
Shoes  N-core  Coquette Platform Green


Friday, June 08, 2012


So many things happening this week to show and tell about but Second Life and RL had other plans with me. Log-in and rezzing issues and a demanding RL job are the main reason  I am behind in what I want to show you. So to all the designers who sent me there latest creations bare with me I am trying as hard as I can to get all the goods out here as soon as possible.
This post is a combination of fashion and decoration I found some very nice shops when I was looking for things to decorate my house .Still working on my photographing skills to make better pictures in the decoration department. It takes a lot of pulling and tucking on objects to get the right look and it takes a lot of patience from my part and to be honest patience is not my stongest virtue.
So now back to all the action happening out there I want to share with you.
✎......  CHIC² is open  CHIC is two years old and it's having a birthday event. 150 Designers made a new and exclusive item to celebrate it will be open from June 3rd – June 24th.
✎........  Katey Coppola owner and creator of GLITTERATI  made a great posing prop for shop-aholics like me and you can get this posing closet yourself and the best news is that it is a free gift not only for group members but for everyone !!! Thanks  Katey you rock !!!!
Happy Friday enjoy your weekend and shop until you drop

Outfit Credits
Skin {.essences.}  @  CHIC²  Rowena  Rosy Pale  # NEW
Hair Tameless   Maycee  # NEWISH
Shirt *BOOM*   Baggy Backless Tee Mirage
Pants  Maitreya  Zipper Skinny Pastel  Lavender
Shoes  (TokiD)  Casual Sandels Mint  # OLD GROUP GIFT
Scarf  [SC]  Floral Wrap Scarf  Violet

Decoration Credits
Bench  Dreamscapes Art Gallery  @  ZombiePopcorn Brand  Storage Bench
Dog  Sculpty Creations  Husky Pup & Baag
Animation & Posing Closet  GLITTERATI  The Shopaholic's Closet # GIFT

Sunday, June 03, 2012


This year ♚ Queen Elizabeth ♚ of England is on the throne for 60 years and the whole of Britain is celebrating her diamond jubilee. And it does not matter if you are a royalist or republican you must give the dame some credit holding one job for 60 year !! And by the look of it she is not going anywhere in the near future.
So today I dressed up in the Union Jack and waving to all the Gunners , Scousers and other U.K. nutters out there I know. Enjoy the royal party and bottoms up !!

Skin  *League*   Deeptan  - Misty Wrecked
Hair  /Wasabi Pills/  Lola Summer  # NEW
Top  {Lily Bird}   Amy Mesh Button Up Top  ( Black/Red)
Skirt  //////Asphyxia\\\\\\  Dirty Skirt  UK
Boots  [Gos]  Triumph Boots
Glasses  [ Gos]  Intuition 
Stockings  ** [ Riddle ] ** I Heart You Tights Black
Bracelets & Earrings Smexy   Hearts Red  # NEW
Neckalce  [MANDALA] Omochi Necklace Red
Ring  [EY:NO]   Dressed Stone Ring
Bag  [Second Streaming]  3 in 1 Record Bag & Tip Jar UK
Location  MAYFAIR

Saturday, June 02, 2012


Months ago I bought myself a coat from LeeZu and I almost forgot about it. So when I found out pistachio was this weeks color on Luna's challenge I suddenly had a flashback to that shopping trip and digged deep in my piled up inventory and was very lucky I found it as well. For the rest of the outfit I went to the marketplace and in the end I am very content with the result.
Wikipedia is telling  : The pistachio, Pistacia vera in the Anacardiaceae family, is a small tree originally from Persia (Iran and Iraq) which now can also be found in regions of Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Sicily, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan (especially in the provinces of Samangan and Badghis), and the United States, specifically in California. The tree produces an important culinary nut.
There is even a song called Pistachio by Lisa Hannigan.
Waving hello to my colourful friends who are riding Luna's roler coaster of color with me. Our Sunday morning chat in the 52 Weeks of Color  group is one of my highlights of the weekend. This challenge would not be the same without you all ❤ღ❤ღ❤
Poses   Izzie's   Pencil Skirt
Poses   GLITTERATI  Backed UP # NEW
Skin :: Exodi ::  Sophie Vivante Lime Shadow  Shop not available anymore
Hair  /Wasabi Pills/  Cookie Mesh Hair  # NEW
Coat & Scarf  [LeeZu!]  Westwood Coat Green Leafs
Shorts  MOLiCHiNO   Kaia Shorts Lime
Bra {Lily Bird}  Layla Lingerie ( Lime/Turqoise)
Now available on Marketplace
Socks  tulip  Knee Socks  ( Green & Brown )
Shoes  Peqe  Stab/Lime
Bracelet  Right  CHOP ZUEY  Black Rose Rattler
Tattoo on Hand  [NEEFUL THINGS <3] Lucky Clover  V.I.P. GIFT
Earrings  *Mon Cheri*  Peacock Feather Earrings Palette 6
Glasses  Izzie's  Oversized Sunglasses
Necklace  Izzie's  50's Pearl Necklace Green
Bag  Tee*fy  Toy Cam-Mera Bag Lime
Poses Bottem  ! bang  Mini Three Quarter 1
Poses Jump  DEL MAY  Happy go Lucky
Location Izzie's