So many things happening this week to show and tell about but Second Life and RL had other plans with me. Log-in and rezzing issues and a demanding RL job are the main reason  I am behind in what I want to show you. So to all the designers who sent me there latest creations bare with me I am trying as hard as I can to get all the goods out here as soon as possible.
This post is a combination of fashion and decoration I found some very nice shops when I was looking for things to decorate my house .Still working on my photographing skills to make better pictures in the decoration department. It takes a lot of pulling and tucking on objects to get the right look and it takes a lot of patience from my part and to be honest patience is not my stongest virtue.
So now back to all the action happening out there I want to share with you.
✎......  CHIC² is open  CHIC is two years old and it's having a birthday event. 150 Designers made a new and exclusive item to celebrate it will be open from June 3rd – June 24th.
✎........  Katey Coppola owner and creator of GLITTERATI  made a great posing prop for shop-aholics like me and you can get this posing closet yourself and the best news is that it is a free gift not only for group members but for everyone !!! Thanks  Katey you rock !!!!
Happy Friday enjoy your weekend and shop until you drop

Outfit Credits
Skin {.essences.}  @  CHIC²  Rowena  Rosy Pale  # NEW
Hair Tameless   Maycee  # NEWISH
Shirt *BOOM*   Baggy Backless Tee Mirage
Pants  Maitreya  Zipper Skinny Pastel  Lavender
Shoes  (TokiD)  Casual Sandels Mint  # OLD GROUP GIFT
Scarf  [SC]  Floral Wrap Scarf  Violet

Decoration Credits
Bench  Dreamscapes Art Gallery  @  ZombiePopcorn Brand  Storage Bench
Dog  Sculpty Creations  Husky Pup & Baag
Animation & Posing Closet  GLITTERATI  The Shopaholic's Closet # GIFT


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