Saturday, June 09, 2012


Does the fact you bought something and after a while you see half of SL wearing the same dress pissing you off ? Or they steel the show with the same killer boots you just got yourself ? You feel the need to wear protection shields to keep the designer of your dress a secret ?
✎......  B.t.w. I don't know why people are wearing those. Protecting the creators name why ?? I got 1 motto share your shopping knowledge and give credit to the designers so we  all can  shop until we drop and look fabulous.
But if you want to wear exclusive items there is a shopping event called the Couturier's Docks  where the designers only sell   limited pieces of one design. I will add the rest of  styling card and the land marks later as soon as SL lets me.

Skin {.essences.}  @  CHIC²  Rowena  Rosy Medium  # NEW
Hair  Maitreya Siobhan  # NEW
Dress CHANTKARE  @  the Couturier's Docks  Summer Loose Dress 
Shoes  N-core  Coquette Platform Green


Friday, June 08, 2012


So many things happening this week to show and tell about but Second Life and RL had other plans with me. Log-in and rezzing issues and a demanding RL job are the main reason  I am behind in what I want to show you. So to all the designers who sent me there latest creations bare with me I am trying as hard as I can to get all the goods out here as soon as possible.
This post is a combination of fashion and decoration I found some very nice shops when I was looking for things to decorate my house .Still working on my photographing skills to make better pictures in the decoration department. It takes a lot of pulling and tucking on objects to get the right look and it takes a lot of patience from my part and to be honest patience is not my stongest virtue.
So now back to all the action happening out there I want to share with you.
✎......  CHIC² is open  CHIC is two years old and it's having a birthday event. 150 Designers made a new and exclusive item to celebrate it will be open from June 3rd – June 24th.
✎........  Katey Coppola owner and creator of GLITTERATI  made a great posing prop for shop-aholics like me and you can get this posing closet yourself and the best news is that it is a free gift not only for group members but for everyone !!! Thanks  Katey you rock !!!!
Happy Friday enjoy your weekend and shop until you drop

Outfit Credits
Skin {.essences.}  @  CHIC²  Rowena  Rosy Pale  # NEW
Hair Tameless   Maycee  # NEWISH
Shirt *BOOM*   Baggy Backless Tee Mirage
Pants  Maitreya  Zipper Skinny Pastel  Lavender
Shoes  (TokiD)  Casual Sandels Mint  # OLD GROUP GIFT
Scarf  [SC]  Floral Wrap Scarf  Violet

Decoration Credits
Bench  Dreamscapes Art Gallery  @  ZombiePopcorn Brand  Storage Bench
Dog  Sculpty Creations  Husky Pup & Baag
Animation & Posing Closet  GLITTERATI  The Shopaholic's Closet # GIFT

Sunday, June 03, 2012


This year ♚ Queen Elizabeth ♚ of England is on the throne for 60 years and the whole of Britain is celebrating her diamond jubilee. And it does not matter if you are a royalist or republican you must give the dame some credit holding one job for 60 year !! And by the look of it she is not going anywhere in the near future.
So today I dressed up in the Union Jack and waving to all the Gunners , Scousers and other U.K. nutters out there I know. Enjoy the royal party and bottoms up !!

Skin  *League*   Deeptan  - Misty Wrecked
Hair  /Wasabi Pills/  Lola Summer  # NEW
Top  {Lily Bird}   Amy Mesh Button Up Top  ( Black/Red)
Skirt  //////Asphyxia\\\\\\  Dirty Skirt  UK
Boots  [Gos]  Triumph Boots
Glasses  [ Gos]  Intuition 
Stockings  ** [ Riddle ] ** I Heart You Tights Black
Bracelets & Earrings Smexy   Hearts Red  # NEW
Neckalce  [MANDALA] Omochi Necklace Red
Ring  [EY:NO]   Dressed Stone Ring
Bag  [Second Streaming]  3 in 1 Record Bag & Tip Jar UK
Location  MAYFAIR