Between Christmas and Ney Years day I feel like living in some kind of twilight zone. The rush of diners and family visits are over and the days turn back to almost normal. I can't wait to celebrate the of the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.
ಠ_ಠ My plan is to go out with a bang hitting on my bong ಠ_ಠ
 Then the days realy turn back to normal with long hours at work and trying to live by my  new years resolutions. Still trying to make a list of resolustions witch are doable otherwise I will disappoint myself again and that would be a bad start of 2013.
With the introduction of mesh in second life more and more designers make items you can change the color with using a HUD. Same with the legging I am wearing on this picture. You can change it to 5 diffrent textures to suit your style.So no more buying full packs to get all the colors you want, how conveniant is that.
The photoshoot location is one of my favorite called Virtual Decay. If you need a place where you can rez your poseballs this is it ! ( hop on the poseball fast or it turns back to your lost and found in your inventory )

Skin  AL VULO!  Tabata  1968 Sunkissed
Hair Magika  Sandara
Coat  Mimikri  Luxe Fur Jacket Leo  *NEW*
Skirt DECO   Tutu Desert
Legging =Zenith=  @ Together for Sway  Legging 5 Colors
Shoes  *COCO*  Distressed Leather Sneakers Two Tone  *NEW*
Bag  MG  FuFu Bags Madame Mimi
Pose 2cond Picture  DM  Happy to Go Lucky
Location  Virtual Decay


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