Sunday, December 02, 2012


Of all the colors Luna pitched @ us and us being all the participants of Luna's challenge , I lღve this color the most. I lღve pink and I lღve cotton candy ... maby I lღve cotton candy because it is pink or the other way around ... anyway I was a very happy girl when I saw this weeks challenge. Shopping and searching on market place typing in cotton candy it gave me this cotton candy machine for free how great this that. I wonder how many other participants of the challenge will use this machine on there pictures as well. To check that out you can go to 52 Weeks of Color Challenge Flickr page Last time I checked 544 members who are showing the color of the week in so many diffrent ways and styles. ❸ more colors to tackle ........... and then what to do every Sunday ? Any ideas out there ? Oohh and yes for now so many shopping and fun events happening right now so there is  no need to get bored.

✎ .....The next Arcade Gatcha round witch I had a hard time entering the sim so maby wait for a calmer time when there is not that much trafic.
✎ ...... The CHIC With L❤ve Hunt check out the page for the participating shops and the very handy hints where to look for the red jewellery box. L10 for every box and the prices are high quality and for sure worth your savings.
✎ ...... Next FaMESHed circle always on my second life shopping to do list.
✎ ...... 1 Year bithday celebration of New York City Second Life go check out the link for all the things happening until the 12th of December. L$12000 in prizes so changes to get some extra cash for more shopping fun. NewYork City Second Life a great place to take pictures as well.
✎ ....... Winter Fair 2012 all about winter clothing and shopping  get your red hat on and get in the Holiday state of mind. ( Last time I checked the Sim was not open yet ) Will be open from 02-12 until 15-12

So what am I still doing here ...  babbeling and chattering ... I keep my mouth shut and go shopping myself Have a great Sunday and enjoy the rest of your week.

Skin  ***SHINE**  Christine Soft Pink/Pale  *NEW*
Hair  *Dura*  Dura-Girl*37 Dark Brown
Bow in Hair  ::::::: monso :::::::  My Bunny Band
Dress coldLogic  Hawn Pink
Scarf ***AOHARU***  Knit Scarf G2 Nordic Pink
Boots *GF*  Long Cuff Boots Will Pink
Socks ------ Gawk! ------   Rose Norwegian Knit Socks *NEW*
Arm Warmers .:Ducknipple:.  Mesh Armwarmers
Poses and Phone  Label Motion My Mobile Phone  *GIFT*


  1. Wow all out cotton candy pink... GORGEOUS!

  2. you look so sweet with your pink lips ))

  3. You look cute :) And thank you for the shoppinglist, I will be using it for sure!