Wednesday, October 24, 2012


For almost 2 years I lived in world on a beautifull island and heard this week I need to leave the land because the owner is rearranging their property to bigger plots so there is no room for me anymore. To say I am sad , mad or disapointed ?  No not at all.
 For a longer time already I was thinking about  changing scenery, living on a beach was not my thing anymore. Spring , Summer, Autumn or Winter a beach stays a beach so no place to change with the seasons a beach is always sunny and sandy right? But for some reason  I did not made the  time to actualy look out for something else and now time did it for me.
 I found myself a new place with grass land and the right to eddit the terrain ( this was not allowed on my sandy island ). So now I can't wait to get to work and start decorating !!
So for the last time I took pictures on my sandy beach and this song from DI-RECT a Dutch band came in to my mind Times Are Changing. With all this going on ..... SL fashion and keeping up with all the things happening will not be my priority for at least the next week. I will try to find time to keep you updated with the progress I make with building myself a new home.


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