Sunday, September 16, 2012


Yesterday I looked foreworth to The Arcade Gatcha Event. I held back some Lindens and took a deep breath ready to go hit some boxes and try my luck and  ........ it did not happen....... I tried the whole day to get in !!!! Time after time I looked @ the notification "The region is full try again bla bla bla" The inworld group The Arcade was buzzing with people trading there goodies and me getting more and more frustrated by the minute. I know the event is open the whole month of September and even some days  in October but .... I needed my greedy pixel ass in !!!! Finely I did and I will show you some of my  goodies later on this week. While I waited I took this pictures and sadly the Sunday is gone.
Attention ☞ ☞ Auxiliary is an up and coming project from the collaborated minds of Tyr Rozenblum and Ivy Graves / aka Crushed Clarity. Both stores, currently known as Aura and Illusory, will be merging under one brand. There is an open window to get in the Auxiliary VIP group for free. Go in search to find  one of the lady's , go in to their profile and sign in before the free window is closed. Doing that you receiving this fabulous jeans for free as well. I am a huge fan of both of there work so I can't wait till the shop is open.

Skin  -Lara Hurley-  Ariana Red Dark
Hair  Tameless Hair  Tiana  *NEW*
Shirt  *SLAVE* DreSSing  RooM  Sexy Shirt  *NEW*
Pants  Auxiliary  Luna Jeans Smoke  *PRE-GROUP GIFT*
Feet [PM]  Bare Feet Pour Femme
Necklace  (Yummy)  @  COLLABOR88 September  Tiffany Pearls  *L88*

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