Monday, September 10, 2012


Monday late in the evening when I am writing this post and I am not going to babble about the issues with the technical part of second life. Showing you the latest furniture release of Soho Corner and I am in lღve with the whole set. The set comes with tons of options and pieces and there are different colors and different wood options to choose from. If and when you are  looking for somthing exclusive go to . L I M I T E D . B A Z A A R .   where the designers only selling a limited amount of one creation.
 And last but not least it is GATCHA  time @ { . essences . } L150  for each round and there are 6 different options of the Cynthia skin with very powerfull names like Strong , Confident , Independent, Beautiful, Balanced and RARE. The great thing is that you can transfere the skins so it can be a great gift or you can exchange them with friends

Skin  { .essences.}  Cynthia Strong  # GATCHA  L$ 150  PER PLAY  6
Hair  [LeLutka]  Keely Hair  # NEW
 Dress  CHANTKARE  @  . L I M I T E D . B A Z A A R .  Silk Patchwork Dress 
Shoes  NX-Nardcotix  Mana Letti Sparkle Peep Toe Red  # NEW
 Bangles  { Zaara}  Indra Painted Stacked Bangles
Hair Bow (TokiD)  Bow3 Funk EE  # GATCHA
 Necklace  (Yummy)  @  COLLABOR88  Sofia Pearl Set
Poses and Bag  Di's Opera  Purses and Poses
Couch  / Day Bed / Floor Lamp / Shelf / Painting / Sofa
Soho Corner  Ursula Living # NEW
Purple Chair  Soho Corner Claudine Leather Haning Chair  # NEW
 Trunk  { what next}  Mayfair Trunk London
Dog  Sculpty Creations Animals  Boxer Laying

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