Saturday, September 22, 2012


Seasons are changing in to Fall and altough I lღve the colors of  fall I hate the rains that comes with it. Running home trying to keep my clothes dry my hair drooping beside my face and in the end looking like the cat dragged me in. For Luna's hunter green photo shoot I went to Izzie's she changed the landscape outside her shop in to Autumn colors and it is amazing like always and worth your visit for sure.
This shade of green fits this season perfectly so I got myself  an umbrella to stay in seasons theme all the way.
The gacha event The Arcade is still open and less laggy so take your shot and see how lucky you are getting what you want in 1 hit. I went to the Arcade to get my hands on the vintage camara from *Tyfy* and I prepaired myself for a long session because this piece is labled as rare but ............. woooಠ_ಠooot wooಠ_ಠoot  2 hits and I got it how wicked is that ! After taking and posting this pictures I found out I used the wrong camera I used the normal one and not the vintage rare one. I try to use it later on.
One more full work week to go and then I got 1 week off to relax myself and do some catching up on my blogger to do list. Shop until you drop and enjoy your weekend.

Skin  { . essences .}  @ :::Fairy Closet::: Wynter Ice Queen
Hair analog dog  Bound
Shirt  coldLogic   Nevin Jade
Pants  coldLogic  Simmonds Clover
Shoes  N-core  Coquette  Glitter Edition
Umbrella  ++NODe++  Umbrella v2 NO6
Location  Izzie's

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  1. haha because of your gatcha event info i again go back to it :) Nice pictures inkie