Monday, July 16, 2012


For some reason RL and SL are having an effect on each other..... for instance take yesterday. I decided to go on a diet , sitting behind my PC  , smoke my joint and getting the muchies is not doing wonders for my figure. So I put myself on a regime with no sweets and snacks and a lots of water and going to run 3 times a week so far so good.
At the same time I desided to clean out my inventory and see what I found !!! A box of pringles and icecream is this some kind of twisted karma or what !!! So because of lack of snacks in RL I am holding tight to it in here and look @ it all the time licking my lips pretending ㋡ Enjoy the week and remember this weeks slogan :

Style is knowing who you are , what you want to say and not giving a damn

Skin  Lara Hurley  Kae  Pale
Hair  >TRUTH<  Bunny  # GROUP GIFT
Romper  *Fashion Style*  @ I ❤ SL Fashion  Romper  Stripes Red&Gray  # L50
Socks  *GF*  Button Socks Knee High
Boots  [ Gos ] Triumph Boots
Necklace  Addiction Jewelry  Wise Owl Necklace
Upperarm Band  ..::SPLASH::..  Grunge Bracelet
Bag  .:MALT:.  City Bag Tomato


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