Sunday, July 15, 2012


This  weekend I start  thinking I would be able to show a big part of my purchases  but I failed big time. Second life did not let met log in log enough to let me rez so after 1.5 hours of anger management on my part I gave up and smoked myself a joint and fell a sleep. Now it is Sunday new day new possibilities and all is working again.
It is the 29th week of Luna's 52 Weeks of Color Challenge and I lღve this weeks color ღ ღ Wikipedia is telling : Since the color rose is so well loved in Persia (Iran), some shades of rose are named after Persia, such as the light tone of rose at right that is called Persian pink. This color is very popular in women's fashion.The first recorded use of Persian pink as a color name in English was in 1923. The song that enterd my mind was The Rose by Bette Midler.

                      ♫ ♪ Some say love that is a hunger An endless aching need ♪ ♫.
                            ♫ ♪ I say love that is a flower And you it's only seed ♪ ♫
                                                                       ღ ❤ ღ

Skin  **SHINE**  Lena Pink Tan
Hair A&A  Minerva Hair  # NEW
Skirt & Top & Headpiece  GizzA   Tutu [PunkRock]  # NEW
Shoe N-core  Coquette Spikes  Dark Pink
Glasses HOC  Rectangle  Framed Glasses
Sorry from here SL failed me and wont let me make SLURL's anymore


  1. WOW Inkie what a look... you really rocked the Persian Rose. LOVE IT!

  2. Aw very cool Inkie! And those shoes are hot :P

  3. Great outfit, has a real flamenco feel to it, especially with that hair :)