Sunday, July 08, 2012


This weeks color for Luna's challenge made me go on a never ending shopping trip and finely using a jacket from =DeLa*= I had in my inventory for ages already. [LeeZu!] is responsible for the great pants and they come with attached boots so that saved me from shopping for shoes.
Making this post I had André Kuipers on my mind he is  a Dutch astronaut. He left earth the 20th of December and remained in space till this week. Here is his blog about his trip André Kuipers Logbook How exiting it must be being without weight and flowting in thin air for such a long time.
 Thinking about space made me think of the David Bowie's song called Space Oddity as well here is the link so you can see the lyrics about an epic end of a space trip.
This weeks motto = Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.
So shop until you drop , run with it and make it your own.
                                                                         ღ ❤ ღ ❤ ღ ❤ ღ

Skin [Automic]  Grace (DB) Honey Orchid # MARKET PLACE LOW PRICE
Hair  ""D!va""  Eriko (Cat's Eye)
Jacket  =DeLa*=  Leather Jacket Bebe Midnight
Pants & Boots  [LeeZu!]  Florentine High Heel Pants Blue
Sunglasses  MG  @  FaMESHed  Milano Cats-Eye  40's Classic
Poses  *agapee*   F255 2  /  F246  /  F281
Location  Forgotten City


  1. yes Andre Kuipers i also had in my mind .. read my blogpost Inkie lol.. gorgeous pictures you made again. Didn't know Leezu makes pants with boots.

  2. oooooh super spies everywhere move outta the way, Inkie's on the loose! You look awesome hon!!!

  3. Lovely edgy look! Love it :)