Monday, March 12, 2012


When I start blogging 435 post and  more then 1.5 year ago almost all the hair in my inventory was black with some dark reds as the exception to the rule. Trough time my focus on hair color shifted and my  LღVE  for blond is growing and growing with a side interest to reds  still going on. For some reason blonds have more fun but that line is not mine as you probably know.
Lღve Foxdale designer and owner  of **SHINE** released a fabulous new skin that matches the blond mesh hair from /WasabiPils/. And if you are a SL explorer you need to visit this place called  Gilmour  @ the landing point there is  a circle of doors you can go trough and behind each door  is a diffrent wonderland. In one of the wonderlands I took these pictures you see today. Happy Monday hope to see you back soon.

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