Saturday, March 17, 2012


When Luna Jubilee showed this weeks color for the challenge I was supprised. I always had the idea that on St. Patick's green supposed to be the color of the day. So again Google was my teacher and I found this : It is only in modern times that green has become associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Blue, not green, is the color long associated with St.Patrick. St. Patrick’s Blue can be seen behind the gold bardic harp on on the ancient Irish flag.
Next stop was my musical friend You Tube to see what songs about St Patrick are available and trust me you can sing 24/7 and still there are songs left but here is a John Mayer St. Patrick song.
Thinking Irish I am thinking red heads and freckles this fabulous skin made by Ryker Beck designer of  :: Exodi ::   is the best freckled skin I have ever seen and is for sure a thing I  to add to the things I lღve. Have said all this nothing more to say ...... Cheers and have a happy St. Patrick's day.

Skin  :: Exodi ::  Sophie Vivante  # NEW
With tons of options on the freckles , lipstick and eye shadows
Hair Tameless   Alma  # NEW
Hair band  (TokiD)  Side Headband
Eyes  IKON  Utopia  Eyes  Blue
Jacket  J.H.  Couture  Tiffany Belted Knit Jacket  Blue  # MESH
Pants { mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans  # MESH & NEW
Shoes  [celoe]  Xylia Pumps Cloudburst  # MESH
Glasses  Bitch/Basterd  Smoovies/Amber Tortoiseshell  # MESH
Necklace  je suis  Turquoise Necklace  # SNEAK  PEAK NEW  L99
Nails   je suis  Basic Nails & Nailpolish  Polka Dots Blues
Bag  LaGyo   The Desperado Bag Midnight Croco
Shamrock in Mouth  !bang  St. Patty's Blue Shamrock
Poses  DEL MAY  Pickle & Stoic
Location  Isla de Jacquinda


  1. Very cool effect on the pictures, nice done :)

  2. love your pictures Inkie.. and what you choosed too..close-up is cool you are realy irish there

  3. Aren't you the lovely Irish lassie! Nicely done, dear!