Saturday, March 03, 2012


This weeks color of Luna advocado directly made me graving  for guacamole so I made some to eat with patato chips.When Luna's 52 weeks are over I can go to Weight Watchers to loose some pounds
I did some digging and searching in my inventory to come up with the right color and it was harder then I thougt it would be. Green comes in so many diffrent shades but then I went to my Google friend for help and you can see there that advocado comes in diffrent shades as well so that gave me more free space in the green pallet to move around on. Walking around on the pictures  with some vegetables to get in the mood for some healthy food besides chips and guacamole
YouTube came up with a song called the Funky Advocado besides a very long list of recipes en other things you can do with an advocado. Have a good weekend enhoy your Second and Real Life with your loved ones.

Skin  **SHINE**  Helen Natural/Pale  # NEW
Hair  [elikatira]   Abbey  Fire Reds  # MESH
Shirt  coldLogic   Tilly.Leaves  # MESH
Pants { mon tissu}  Denim Lou Lou Light
Boots  MIEL   Far Boots Plaid
Bag ~Pepper~  Star Hunter Mesh Bag Green
Veggie Crate CONCRETE FLOWERS  I Love Veggies Crate
Poses  !bang 
Location   CalanDiva  ""D!va""  Main shop


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