Monday, March 05, 2012


Yesterday I went to EPOCH Clowning today I took a trip to  THE ART OF ESCHER and for years  I am a huge fan of the work of this Dutch graphic artist M.C.Escher. You can look at his drawings for hours and still find new things over and over again in the same frame.Don't wait to long to go visit one of the three Epoch showcases and see how fashion meets art.
There are new fabulous boots in store  @ N-core and as usual a must have for every girl who has respect and  lღve  for her feets.

Skin  :: Exodi ::  Sophie  # NEW
With tons of option  freckles, lipsticks and eye shadows !!
Hair  ""D!va""  Miu (Type B)( Garnet)  # NEW
Eyes  IKON  Utopia Eyes  Pale Mint + Gold  # GROUP GIFT
Dress  Willow   @  EPOCH ART OF ESCHER  The Picard Dress
Boots  N-core   Euphoria Fatpack 12 Colors  #  MESH NEW
Earrings & Necklace  F I N E S M I T H  @  Fashion Limited  Straw   # NEW
 Glasses  MIEL   Genius Peepers
Bag  :: PM ::  Monogram Bag Browns  # MESH
Poses  *agapee*

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