Saturday, February 18, 2012


This weeks color acording to my friend Google has more options to fit the Dark Raspberry bill. And I used almost all of the options in my mixing and matching my outfit for this week. Wikepedia is telling us :
Dark raspberry is a color that resembles the color of a black raspberry."Dark raspberry" is also the color of regular raspberries that have been boiled down into raspberry jam or sauce with sugar to use for cake filling, filling for French pancakes, ice cream topping, etc.
After reading this I finished my pictures craving for sweets and ice cream.
Making the pictures I was singing the song of Prince although it is called the Raspberry Beret and not the dark raspberry beret but is was close just as close as I tried to be to the dark side of raspberry.
The bottem picutere well that is not raspberry more red but I neded to show the fabulous new skin of { . essence . } in a close up. Have a nice Sunday and a nice week see you all next week for the next color that will be the color dandelion a yellow that reminds me of Spring and Summer.

Skin { .essences.}  Serena
Hair  >TRUTH<  Vicky  # NEW
Body Suit  MONS TDRB   February Bodysuit  Red
Shoes  *GF*  Strap Shoes  Alex  Autumn Pack
Stockings  ** [ RIDDLE ] ** Argyle Stockings Pink
Necklace + Rings  je  suis  @  Back to Black  Voyante + Voyante Gemstones
Belt   Wide Waist Belt Fruit Punch
Glasses  F I L T H Y__S K I N S  Reading Glasses
Earrings  [Aura]  Phosphorus  Club Hoops Ruby
Umbrella  ++NODe++  Umbrella v2  NO5
Poses  *MP*  Geisha Umbrella Poses
Locations  Virtual  Monmartre


  1. love that skin !! and the necklace and the hair!!!!!!

  2. love your mix and match of all the shades and I am drooling over those shoes!!