Saturday, February 11, 2012


CHIC Management began June 4th 2010 with there first event “The Black and Blue Fair”. Items were created and sold in a small venue with mental health facts printed on the walls, and information about mental health issues in note dispensers and put inside some of the product boxes (where designers agreed).
From February the 12th untill February the 29th CHIC is going back to there roots with the Back to Black event to raise awareness to menthal health  issues and I am very happy and proud to tell you that I was choosen as one of the bloggers to cover this event.
The designers created there items inspired by words as Hope , Courage , Determination , Family , Home , Endurance , Serenity , Comfort , Heart , Fighter , Survival , Frienship , Health , Life , Spirit and Strength.
The reason this event is close to my heart is the fact I got a grandmother suffering from  Alzheimer disease. Her slipping away  little by little and loosing connection to our reality and sliding in to hers was in the beginnen very sad for her because she knew she was having Alzheimer. Now the disease has progressed the sorrow and hurt for the famely begins with Grandma and  Mother  not redcognize the grand children and not even redcognize  her own children anymore. So this first post for the CHIC Back to Black effent is in homage to my Grandmother who was in her youth very athletic and loved to run and play sports. CHIC Back to Black

Skin Glam!  Lumiere Mia  # VALENTINE'S GIFT
Top  Izzie's  @  CHIC BACK TO BLACK  Peace Top Beige
Pants  Izzie's  @  CHIC BACK TO BLACK  Sweat Pants Brown
Poses  SSP  Exclusive @  CHIC BACK TO BLACK  Determination Pose Prop

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