Friday, November 25, 2011


Yesssssssssssss thank God  it is Friday so not much to say then bring on the wine (or something else that contains alcohol ) and lets rumble. Have a great weekend you all shop untill you drop and have fun. OOOhh yes it is paycheck time again so that is the reason I am sooooo happy my avi is not broke anymore and you all know what I am going to do now.... shhhhhhht  its a secret.

Skin  (Carisma Creations)  Evana Skin Pale 2011 Lip1 E2  # NEW
Hair  ""D!va""  Mana   # 15000 GROUP MEMBER GIFT
Shirt  EDS  Rustic  # NEW
Pants  Tres Blah  @  COLLORBOR88  Juju Jeans  White Lace  # L$88
Coat   >>>Poison<<<  ElPoblao Jacket Black Female
Boots  =DeLa*=  Leather Boots Carine Brown
Necklace  WOot  Socks  # NEW
Mouthpiece  WOot  Gingerbred Man  # NEW
Poses  :+:SS:+:  Unisex Model Poses  # NEW
Location  JOPLIN 66

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