Monday, May 22, 2017


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This weekend I had a bloggers block.
With an inventory that is about to implote and explode  because of all the goodies, quite strange.
While I was waiting  to get my bloggers mojo back, I started to tweak on my blog....
Sometimes I act before I think things trough, so I downloaded a free blogger template and inserted that in my blog ....
I did not made a back up file and the free template made my blog a total mess.
To make a long messy story short .. I took me the entire weekend with the help of Google and You-Tube to get my blog back to normal.
I needed short breaks in the meantime to in and exhale so I could kept my cool, I so totally suck in HTML code stuff.
Still need to fill my special pages on top of the blog, I deleted ( by  mistake )  the filled pages I made trough the years.
Did I already told you that once in a while I do the stupidest things ?
Enjoy your week and have fun while you shop until you drop.
Body Maitreya Lara 4.1 
Head LeLutka Simone 2.7

Skin *YS&YS* @ eBento Event Paris
eBento is a new shopping event all about Bento open until June 7th.
Hair [ monso ] @ K U S T O M 9 Twobi
Top & Skirt & Bag [ VALE KOER ]K U S T O M 9 GrassCourt Line
Open until June 10th
Tennis Court & Chair Umpire  DaD DESIGN
Chairs & Balls & Bleachers & Racket  on Floor Astralia
Bag on Bleacher Nutmeg. Bachelor Bag Olive
Bag on Floor Right Nutmeg.  @ Shiny Shabby  Rattan Tote Carry, Brown
Pose & Racket & Ball Repose Tennis Day

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