Thursday, February 02, 2017


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When it comes to the style of my second life pictures, I  never would lable myself as sexy or provocative.
Once in a blue moon , I let a pixel boob or a piece of ass out in the open, with only one purpose, to show a tattoo or special skin.
Basicly I am a pixel prude.
And yes I know I have to be responsable on what I show on Flickr for everybody to see or what I hide behind a modorate rating.
So shoot me, I forgot to flag 2 pictures as not safe and did not put them in the modorate category.
But please for the moral police who have no  better things to do then  to report back to Flickr to block accounts.
Get a 3th life.
So said all that, time to "report" some Happy inkie News.
Since this week I am part of the *YS&YS* ( Your Skin & Your Shape )  blog team.
Thank you Monicuzza Babenco and Monyka Benelli for giving me the change to show your fabulous work.
This *YS&YS*  Maki Tone02 Skin Applier is made for the CatWa mesh heads.
The skin is on sale for 50%  at Shop Your Heart Out.
Each merchant has their lovingly crafted wares out for 20-50% off.
Runs February 1st through the 14th! 
On this picture I am wearing the CatWa Catya  ( Bento Ready ) head with the updated CatWa bubblegum.
Hair *PINK HUSTLER* 8162
Ears [MANDALA] Steking Ears
Eyes IKON Hope Eyes Wraith
Top Belle Epoque Timeless Class T-Shirt Pink *GACHA*
Pose Ma Vie. Revealed 03
Modorate when needed and have fun while you shop until you drop.

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