Thursday, February 28, 2013


Tomorrow the Arcade Gacha event is beginning . If you can't TP to the Arcade because it is full but you need your daily shopping dose  take a D-Tour and take your time @ COLLABOR88.  Only a view days left before this round closes so hurry. Thank God it is Friday tomorrow so we have all the time in the world to take our Gacha changes @ The Arcade in a busy shopping weekend to come.

Skin  -Glam Affair-   @  COLLABOR88  Laurel 04
Hair =DeLa*=   Wixson
Jacket   R2  @   COLLABOR88  Leather Jacket Red
Skirt   (Elate!)  Lily Skirt Blush
Necklace & Earrings   MG  @   COLLABOR88  Khaleesi's Temptation
Shoes  [Gos]  Boutique  Mae Platform Raspberry *NEW*
Location inkie's Springtime

Sunday, February 24, 2013


After a heavy flu it is time to get back to work tomorrow. To stay in a vacation mood I visit Izzie's and was blown away as always by her sim totaly in Spring season now. My pc is almost dying so it took me some time to rez everything but when it did I was in oohh and ahh Izzie Bizzie you did an amazing job and your decoration skills are an inspiration to me every time I visit your place.

Skin  -Glam Affair- @  TDR FUSION  Amberly
Hair >TRUTH<  Laurie
Beret   B&W   & L'accessoires Ariadna Beret Pumkin
Dress  LMD   Daisy Dress Orange
Necklace  [MANDALA]  Omochi
Bracelet  Left ::je suis::  Asemetrique Oranges
Bracelet Right  CHOP ZUEY  In Memory of Love
Shoes  [Gos] Boutique  Marilyn Sandals Brown& Leopard
Bag  [HANDverk]   @  L'accessoires   Tetrahedron Clutch  Nectarine
Location  Izzie's

Friday, February 22, 2013


The 24th of February 2013 it is Oscar night and I am going to look on Duch television episode 1 & 2 of the Godfather. I know almost all the lines by heart so many times I've seen this movies.
                       "I am going to make him an offer he can't refuse "
Same goos  for all the movies made by Quentin Tarantino some made totgether with Roger Rodriguez.  Thats why I was so happy to see those "Uma" dresses by  *SoliDe FoliEs*   totaly in theme with Kill Bill for sure one of my favorite. So bring out the popcorn and enjoy the Oscar night.

Skin  { . Essences.}  @  TDR FUSION   Thursday
Hair  =DeLa*=  Carly
Dress  *SoliDe  FoliEs*  Uma Yellow
Ring  MONS  Ring The Lion King
Blade  [:TCR:]  Vengeance Blade of Torment
Nails  JA  Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails
Poses  Magnifique Poses  Katana

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Today I made pictures on my own beach and instead of making it a tropical beach I made a beach that more looks like a North Sea beach area. I am still home with the flu and a light pneumonia so between rests I have time to do some catching up on my  blogging to do list and that list is long .......
Have a good day enjoy your time with the people you love.

Skin  [ Al Vulo! ]  @  TDR FUSION  Ramona
Hair  Miss C.   Leah
Dress  **BAIASTICE**   @  TDR FUSION Jessi Dress Black
Necklace & Ring   MiWardrobe L'accessoires The Vintage Landscape
Feet  [ Gos ] Boutique   Barefeet  Arched
Glasses  .:: Pure Poison ::. Rockin Spiked Sunglasses Black *NEW*
Bag  VG SHOES  Queen Clutch  *NEW*

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today the 20th of February it is Kaelyn Alecto  her 3th rez day and the opening of her brand new homestead called        " It all Starts With a SMILE "  and making this pictures on her lovely decorated place I was singing this golden olden song by  Nat King Cole song called "Smile". Go visit the place and you will see tons of picture perfect spots around every corner and there are a lot of corners trust me on this one. Kae you did an amazing job !! Happy rez day make it a day with only smiles and kisses.* Kisses on your pixel nose by inkie Loudwater *  
On my shopping to do list every month ( and that list is long pfft ) is the COLLABOR88 and almost everything I am wearing today is from round February so until the 8th of March you got time to go there.

Skin  -Glam Affair-   @  COLLABOR88  Laurel 03
Hair  >TRUTH<   @  COLLABOR88  Hollana
Blouse  Tee*fy   @  COLLABOR88  Polly Tucked Blouse Scarlet
Collar  Tee*fy  @  COLLABOR88  Peter Pan Collar White
Skirt  The Sea Hole  @  COLLABOR88  Pan Bahatt Skirt Javitri
Boots  * BAIASTICE *   Knee Platform Stretch Boots Suede Black
 Earrings & Bracelets  (Yummy)  @  COLLABOR88 Caprice
Poses  :: Focus Poses :: Winter Set

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I got the flu so just a quick post with some shots of my place redecorated for Spring ( to come ) I added  the list of  garden shops I've bin to. Let me tell you decorating and prepairing for a new season is not only a time consuming but Lindens consuming activity as well. And my inventory is looking like World War 3 right now because in the middle of decorating I do not lable of foulder the stuff like I should  so .... anybody out there who is free to do it for me ? In post to come I will give you some home and decoration shops I've visited.

ArchiTech Landscaping 
Season areas Great Spring stuff : bridges , snowdrops, daffodils  and the best group gifts and for me inkie the  prim whore low prim items to die for.

(*^-^*) HPMD
Almost fairytale like nature. Love the grasses and trees because they look like they are glowing. Very generous group gifts as well. I am a sucker for nice gifts so shoot me.

~*Forest Floor*~
The best trees who change with the seasons by just an easy HUD use for all the trees at once. Have great shadows to put on the floor as well and for me working with an old PC that wont work with shadows a good way to work around that.
Garden Center AMFORA
 1 Prim copyable and modifyable plants trees and flowers. Got myself some cute butterfly's there as well.
Dreamworld gardening Grasses , Trees , Flowers and butterfly's A must see location to be inspired to get back to work @ your own place.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

***SHINE*** & LMD

♫ ♪ Summer time and the living is easy ... fish are jumping and the cotton is high ♪ ♫
I wish ... OMG I can't wait till the sun is shining so in the meantime  I am dancing on the fence in my little make believe world called second life.
Some great releases to show today. Leri Miles  designer of LMD made some great dresses in soft tones a must have for your Summer wardrobe. Love Foxdale of **SHINE** made a fabulous new skin called Oggy with nice extra options like freckles and open mouth variations.
Enjoy the rest of your week shop untill you drop and try to behave ..... or not .....

Skin  **SHINE**  Oggy Pale  *NEW*
Hair  >TRUTH<  Tenille 2  *NEW*
Dress LMD  Josselyn Dress Rouge  *NEW*
Shoes  [Gos] Boutique  Mae Platform Cream
Necklace  MG  @  COLLABOR88  Kheleesi's  Temptation *NEW*
Poses with Fence  GLITTERATI   White Picket Fence
Location inkie's Wonderful Springtime  ( Private )

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Just a view days and it is Valentine's day,  I don't feel connected to this day for the main reason I am not in lღve and not looking for it eighter in this time of my life. For all the lღve birds out there get your romantic act together and go full force on the one you lღve.Go out of your way to wine and dine your sweatheart  sent a card, give flowers or chocolate or think out of the box and do something totaly unexpected.
The reason I am looking out for 14th of Februari is not love but a wicked new second life game play

                                    From 14-02-2013 until 28-02-2013

The Hottie Cooterati Experience will lead you through a dynamic and interactive mission to conquer others in their quest for gifts and glory. This assignment won’t be easy or simple, so you’d better come prepared. - Global Domination will be an interactive game experience, leading you through a series of challenging puzzles themed to various countries and cultures around the globe. Each puzzle will be demanding and challenging and the entire process should provide for hours of entertainment with great rewards. Make no mistake… this is most certainly NOT a hunt.

1. Beginning February 7th you can purchase your passport at the main locations of participating stores. The passport is necessary for game play. Only ONE passport is needed to participate. One passport will grant you access to all the prizes once you complete the puzzle.You pay L$300 now and when you buy your passport after the 14th it cost L$ 400. Here is the list of shops you can get your passport from and get a nice insentive as well. I went to Auxiliary to get this top I am wearing in this post. I can't wait til it starts hopefuly the lag and my slow PC  wont kill my Global Domination aspirations.

Skin  [: TULI : ]  Claire Pearl  * VALENTiNE 2013*
Go to the Cupcake Sim for special Valentine goods for nice prices
Tears make-up  Izzie's   I'm not feeling very well  *OLD TOSL*
Hair Miss C.  @  Stuff in Stock  Ayla ( 6 colours )
Head Piece -Glam Affair-  @  COLLABOR88  Oly Hat 03
Shirt  Auxiliary  Vintage Tube Top  *GLOBAL DOMINATION INCENTIVE*
Skirt   Maitreya   Mini Skirt Dark Leather Black
Show  [Gos] Boutique  Sophia Peeptoe Scarlet *NEW*
Necklace & Bracelets  [MANDALA]  Omochi
Bag  .::Pure Poison::.  Love Me Bag Red
Poses  :: Focus Poses :: Model 106_6 
Location  Felona

Saturday, February 09, 2013


Looking outside to the weather the title of this post is a little bit off.... just a little ? There has bin snow fall last  night  here in Holland so it is snow boots and mittens al over again and I so wanna have sunlight.
After years of nipping and tugging my second life shape I bought myself a shape. I was going on a hunt @ R.icielli and fell in love with this one The great thing about it is  that I can eddit it to personalise it to my own liking. So  I did some lip filling  and some reverse lipo sucktion on my legs and  I was ready to go. Because RL is trowing me some snowballs I went to Luna Luna   for my Springtime  photo shoot. { .essenses. } have some flawless skins available @ TDR FUSION so take your ride there. You have just a couple of days left to get your hand on this round goods. The freckles are no part of the skin but I needed some with this fabulous red hair colour from LoQ also for  bargain price @  TDR FUSION
Enjoy your weekend and  dress warm when you go outside ......

Skin  { .essences.}  @ TDR FUSION  Wednesday Candy Sunkissed
Hair  "LoQ Hairs"  @  TDR FUSION  Absolut
Shape R.icielli  Mari Model  *NEW*
Shirt  Quintessencia  @  Stuff in Stock  Liliam Hearts Top
Pants  DRIFT  City Pants Blush
Shoes  [Gos]  Boutique  Mae Platform Cream
Bag  { mon tissu}  Sophmore Satchel Floral
Scarf  Tee*fy   @  FaMESHed  Collar Snood FlutterHearts
Location  Lula Lula

Monday, February 04, 2013


In my head Witner time is over. When I look outside and when I walk to my work, my wintercoat tells me otherwise but I dream and I think Spring and that is keeping me warm.  On Plurk yesterday one of the questions was "when is it a right date to start decorating springtime ?" and the answer was:  there is always a right time for Spring as soon as you feel like it.
So in the midst of snow bells and daffodils I found out Kaelyn Alecto photographer and writer of Sweet Sexy & Crazy is in the middle of a work in progres to decorate a whole homestead and I fell in lღve with her beach location ( the only section that is complete ) but looking so nice.
Keep up the good work Kae you are on the right track and I know for sure the whole place is going to look just as great as your beach area is looking right now.
Total in sink with my head full of Spring I am showing a fabulous skin of -Belleza-   the skin was one  of  Belleza Best Buys the past weekend ( sorry )  Every first weekend of the month Belleza will release exclusive skins at the discounted price of L$400 for *3* days only!
So mark your calendar so you wont miss the next round.
Nothing more to say for now ... mmm yes much more to say but this is a fashion blog and not a nouvelle so I stop babbeling here.
 Enjoy your week ... shop untill you drop and keep  Spring in mind.. Winter is ending ....

Skin  -Belleza-  Ava 3 BB Medium
Hair Tameless  Venus  *NEW*
Dress  Loovus Dzevavor  @  Fashion Limited  *FL GROUP  GIFT* 
Shoes [Gos]  Boutique  Mae Platform  Raspberry
Earring & Necklace  Donna Flora  @ FASHION LIMITED  Siviglia Set
Dog [Manticore]  Puppy  v3
With thanks to Mz and Automic who let me clean up the dog
Location :  It all starts with a smile ( Not open yet )

Sunday, February 03, 2013


Bin busy decorating my sim in to Spring theme. RL cold, windy and rainy weather is depressing me so I started early this year. Between terraforming and decorating I made this pictures so I keep my tempo in cleaning out my inventory. Decorating my place makes me find all kind of lost clothing or stuff is forgot I had...... and I have a lot ( read I have to much ). So I found this ::WetCat:: poses and the look was easy with a RONSOM pants a MIEL top and 2REAL sneakers. Lღve Foxdale   designer of  **SHINE** skins released a flawless group gift  and like the name of the designer I lღve it

Skin  **SHINE**  Slawa  *GROUP GIFT* 
Hair ::Exile:: Satisfaction
Top  MIEL   Punk Racerback UK
Pants  RONSEM*   JJ1 Pants Navy
Shoes  2REAL  Glyderz
Poses ::WetCat::  BreakStuff
Location  Virtual Decay

Saturday, February 02, 2013


OMG time is going by so fast it makes my pixel head spin. Next round of FaMESHed and this edition is a must see trust me. Also next session of  TDR FUSION  with great skins and clothes for bargain prices. Trompe Loeil came out with this great bedroom set I tღtaly fell in love with and it is available @ FaMESHed so take your taxi and go to bed in style tonight.

Skin  -Belleza-  Betty Pale
Hair Tameless  Betty  *NEW*
Dress  ILAYA  Vintage Dress Due Black/Grey
Glasses [PP]  Hearts Sunglasses  *NEW*
Bangles   MG  Boho Bangles Laquered Pink and Silver
Bag  [PP]  Charo Spiked Mesh Bag Fucsia  *NEW*
Shoes  [Gos]  Mae Platform Raspberry  *NEW*
Bed & Bedroom Table & Lamps & Framed Art & Ceiling Fan & Trunk  *NEW*